Bridger All-Stars

This bird is the sweetest individual on the ridge.  Mountain Chickadee also happen to be the heartiest and most well adapted to life on the ridge in winter.

This is Ned's clone, not named yet.  Ned saw his reflection once and sprightly interaction occurred with his reflection.

Golden "Nugget" the ground squirrel has been missing since the first snow storm along the ridge.  If you see Nugget in the vicinity of the summit report to the hawk count.  We have been worried as to the fate of Nugget and any information on his whereabouts would be appreciated.

This isn't Rambo so don't get excited.  This bird has a sweet demeanor too like the Mountain Chickadee.  Rambo is loud and rambunctious and becomes angered when peanuts aren't delivered in an acceptable and timely fashion.  I did see this individual go after a large female Cooper's Hawk that took a swipe at the near owl.

Lil' Red is a real hell-raiser and doesn't need an explanation.  Frustrate the wit of this creature and you will hear its machine gun like wrath from the tree directly in front of the hut.