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2019 Camp Baker Montana Eagle Watch Project

The Camp Baker, Montana Eagle Watch Project intends to contribute to the understanding of spring raptor migration (with a particular emphasis on Golden and Bald Eagles) in western Montana. In addition, if this project is continued long term it may have the potential to enhance our knowledge of raptor population status and trends. Most importantly, as apex predators, these raptors may serve as critical barometers of overall ecosystem health and human-caused environmental changes (including climate change).

Merlin Birding & Nature Tours, LLC 

Merlin Birding & Nature Tours LLC was launched in early 2017. Our two US-based leaders, Steve Hoffman and Steve Eshbaugh (Esh"), have decades of guiding experience, primarily in Mexico and Central America. During the past 20 years Steve Hoffman has led eight 12-day tours to Veracruz, MX, and Steve Eshbaugh has led birding expeditions to Costa Rica on nine occasions during the past 15 years.

Other Useful Links

Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation has been conducting standardized counts since 1992.  Many of the migrating raptors that come through the Bridger Range must fly through this site first.  It takes the migrants approximately 2-2.5 days to get to the Bridger Mountains Hawk Watch.  This sites daily flight summaries can give an accurate picture of what to expect at the Bridger Mountains Hawk Watch in the days to come.  Also, check out this cool map that shows the route some of our GOEA take.

(click to enlarge)

It is quite obvious how the Rocky Mountains in this region create a leading line that migrating raptors follow.  If your a local birder in the area I highly recommend getting a subscription to their daily summary emails to get a feel for what is heading our way.  Additionally check out this awesome video with a first hand look at some of our birds on their way through the Canadian Rockies.

Bridger Webcams

The Bridger Bowl webcams are an excellent resource when planning a visit.  If your in Bozeman during a storm it would be wise to check the Ridge North webcam (scroll to the bottom of the page) and make sure we aren't counting due to the persistent Bridger Cloud.  This weather phenomenon obviously doesn't provide lift for the migrating raptors nor does it allow us to detect them.  These webcams are what the observers rely on to determine if counting is an option.  You may even see us on the heli pad in the image which should mean that we are currently counting.

Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center 

If you select the Bridgers page on this website you will see the snowpack discussion as well as the Bridger Ridge weather station.  Be wary of the wind direction and speed during significant snow storms as the vane and anemometer become rimed and thus not functional.  If you see the same wind speed and wind direction for several hours the information is suspect.